How to replace spark plug and coil

Briefly introduction about how to change spark plug and coil.

Tools for the job:
torque wrench
socket wrench
socket extension
spark plug socket
needle nose pliers
new spark plugs
new OEM coilpacks

1: Remove your engine cover.
2: Disconnect the wiring harness from the coilpacks.
3: Carefully pull the coil packs up off the plugs.  Needle nose pliers can be slid in under the edge of the coil pack to help push it up.  If you are re-using the coilpacks, pay attention to which cylinder they came from.
4: Using the socket wrench, extension, and spark plug socket… loosen and remove the spark plugs.
5: Get your new spark plug ready.  Verify the gap (they should be pre-gapped to 0.030″).  Apply a light coat of anti-seize to the threads.
6: Using the extension and spark plug socket, screw the new plugs until they are hand tight.
7: Tighten the spark plugs until snug.  If you’re the anal type, here’s where you break out the torque wrench and tighten to spec (20 Nm).
8: If you’re installing new coilpacks, have them ready.
9: Install the coil packs by pressing them firmly onto the plugs.  If you’re re-using the old coil packs, try to put them back on the same cylinder they came from.
10: Reconnect the wiring harness.  Press each connector on until it clicks.
11: Put your engine cover back on. Job's done!