How to Change the Alternator For a Mazda ?

This article showing how to change the alternator for a mazada.

At some point in time, you will accept to accord with replacing the alternator on your Mazda. The aboriginal footfall in that action is removing the old alternator. Fortunately, removing a adulterated alternator from your Mazda multi-purpose van and replacing it with a new one poses no accurate challenges. You can abolish the alternator in an hour or less, and you will allegation alone a few basal accoutrement to complete the job.

Things You'll Need:

The steps as following:
1.Lift the awning of your MPV and prop it open. Disconnect the abrogating cable from the array terminal. Disconnect the alternator from the battery. Position the cables abroad from the array terminals to abstain an adventitious charge.

2.Push the pulley's astriction arm on the alternator. This will could cause the alternator belt to loosen. Once loosened, accelerate it off about the pulley. Check the alternator belt for wear, as you may allegation to alter it if you install a new alternator.

3.Locate the ascent bolts that authority the alternator in place. On the 2000 Mazda MPV, the ascent bolts are on the basal of the alternator. Use a atrium or bend to alleviate the bolts by axis them counterclockwise.Slide the alternator off the brackets and abolish it from the engine compartment.