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Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 Technical Service

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VCADS Pro 2.40 Version For Volvo Truck Diagnostic Tool [Support Ship From US/UK]

VCADS Pro 2.40 Version For Volvo Truck Diagnostic Tool [Support Ship From US/UK]   Item No. SH10-B

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VCADS Pro 2.40 for Volvo Truck Diagnosis
1.Excellent software tool to assist customers and bodybuilders in performing their own diagnostic work for Volvo engines.


Volvo Truck Diagnostic Tool Volvo VCADS Pro FAQ
Volvo Truck Diagnostic Tool Volvo VCADS Pro FAQ

When connect 8 pin cable with truck,the J1708 led light on the machine can not be on.If in normal status,J708 light will be flashing.And this is the solution:

Please open the Volvo VCADS Pro box,and connect " pin2" and " pin5" by soldering.

Q1: What's the Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 login User ID and password?
A1:  Please open the .txt file "How to use" and copy the ID number to the blank box under "User ID", input nothing after "Password", click "connectivity options" and tick before "Work offline", finally click "OK". For more details, please watch the video demo in the CD.

Q2: Volvo VCADS has no USB cable, then which cable to connect with the computer, how to connect with the car? 
A2: No, Volvo VCADS has no USB cable, it has COM cable, please input the COM cable into the computer COM port and communicate with the computer. 

Q3: How to update Volvo VCADS?
A3: Once we have the newest software, we will send you via CD or via Email.

Q4: Volvo VCADS (SH10-B) VS Volvo VCADS (SH10)
A4: Volvo VCADS (SH10-B) can diagnose the truck with 16pin diagnostic socket; Volvo VCADS (SH10) can't do, as the following picture shows.
Picture 1: Volvo VCADS (SH10-B)
There are 3pcs of cable connected with the car: Volvo 14pin to 16pin cable, Volvo 8pin to 16pin cable, RSR32 to 16pin cable. 

Picture 2: Volvo VCADS (SH10)
There are 2pcs of cable connected with the car: Volvo 8pin cable and Volvo 14pin cable.

 Q5: the Volvo VCADS software works ok on windows XP. but the control unit will not connect to the laptop. The com connection is ok.
When I plug the unit into the truck diagnostic port the power light comes on and the blue USB light flashes very fast in a random sequence.
I have connected it through the RS232 lead and the RS232 light on the control box does not light up at all.
I have a message saying "ERROR 10104
Communication problem with control unit or vehicle
No connection through the USB cable at all."

A5: It is the COM PORT setting problem, your computer COM PORT should be set as the same as the software COM PORT.
We have video tutorial to follow in the CD or free download on our website

Q6: What's the difference between SH10-B and SH10?
A6: Volvo VCADS (SH10-B) can do 16pin car, Volvo VCADS (SH10)  can't do 16pin car, also these two VCADS User ID is different.

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