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Original Creator C110 BMW Code Reader Technical Service

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Original Creator C110+ For BMW Code Reader V6.0 Free Shipping [Support Ship From UK]

Original Creator C110+ For BMW Code Reader V6.0 Free Shipping [Support Ship From UK]   Item No. SC92

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Creator C110+ BMW Code Reader V6.0
1.Supports BMW from 2000 to 2013 year.
2.Creator C110+ V6.0 can read trouble codes, clear trouble codes, displays live data stream, clear vehicle information.
3.Newly Add for MINI Cooper test function.


Original Creator C110 BMW Code Reader Technical Service
How to update Creator C110 BMW?
If you buy the bmw creadtor c110 from our website,please  contact with us,we will send you ‘C110-sc92 BMW_CREATOR_V3.8_EN-update-file’ this file.But as a friendly reminder,before 2000 serial number can not,please check about the SN number.

How to erase fault code via Creator C110 scanner?
1. Insert the car key into keyhole, but Do Not start the vehicle ignition or switch on electrical system.
2. Connect the Creator C110 main interface to the BMW obd2 diagnostic socket located beneath the dashboard and steering column.
3. After being well connected with vehicle, turn on Creator C110 ignition switch.
4. Turn on BMW key, operate step-by-step followed by the C110 screen instruction and then come to the diagnostic program. C110 start to detect vehicle ECUs.
5. The fault code will display on the C110 screen. Select "clear error code" button. If a message reading "Fault code is erased" means that the error code has been successfully cleared.
6. If the error code did not be cleared successfully, try to record the error codes on the paper.
7. As for the detailed problem to each recorded fault code, you can inquire professional mechanics, or even via search engine online etc. After figure out what the fault codes related to, and then try to find out solution for the problem.
bmw c110
Original BMW C110 VS Copy C110 BMW Scanner

Our BMW C110 is original Creator scanner,here is the instruction how to know the original and copy.


Our BMW C110 Scanner can update online,you can get newest update file from us.But copy C110 can not.

2.Appearance difference

2.1.The OBDII Connector,our original C110 is with convex OBDII word,and lines is thick
original bmw c110

2.2 Back Tag.Original BMW C110 is with tag,but copy tool does not have.
c110 bmw

2.3.The OBD II Connector.Original C110 is with a gap in the middle,but Copy tool does not have the gap.
bmw c110

2.4.Package Box
bmw c110

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