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Magpro2 v4.1 Technical Service

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MAG PRO2 V4.1 OBD2 ecu tuning tool

MAG PRO2 V4.1 OBD2 ecu tuning tool   Item No. SE36

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MAGPro2 is a chip tuning system composed of several modules. Serial OBDII programming tool that allows the communication with a vast number of vehicles, allowing the reading and writing through the use of simple connections with simple and fast software.
We supply the MAG PRO2 with unlimited technical support and competitive price.


Magpro2 v4.1 software free download and frequently asked questions
Magpro2 v4.1

Free download software:

Magpro2 v4.1 User experience:
Now I will give you some using experiences of my customers.

One of my customer say: "This tool works absolutely great, the support is very good and fast. It runs normally less then 1 hour to resolve, the latest contact after 24hour."

Another one says:"he uses magpro2 v4.1 and it can write many ecu edc 15 16 17 med 9.1 med 17 and works fine!"

One says: "About support is really good, they have a new support mode online. They can access to your PC for see what is the problem exactly for try to search a solution. I’m happy with support."


When open the mag pro2, choose Renault Megane rs 230 r26 F1 team 2008 Feb. Click OK at the data program , but shows the following problem, it can not recognize. What's the problem? The system used is windows XP.

A: This picture not means the error but let you confirm the following:
   (1), use obd cable
   (2), check if the obd cable is connect well
   (3), The Ignition Switch is on or off
  If confirmed those are doing well, then which means that it can not do the car

2.Q: with this interface read and write edc17?
    A: It can not read and write edc17.
   Q: When I open the software, it needs start password? What is it?
   A: Yes, it needs password, the password is 12345678.
   Q: with this interface can rewrite DDE5 BMW 320?
   A: If your ecu is edc15, it can read and write.

3. Q: Does this item can be used on windows 7?
     A: It should be used on XP system; other system may not install the drive

4.Q:What’s the problem when it shows as the following error?

   A: There have 2 main problems if the software can not open:
        1, the software installed has some problem
        2, Check if the device drive is install well   

5.Q: Mag prog2 green light on, red light keep flashing. The green light seems read data, but stopped not finished, try it again, it can not show anything. Even change to another car and changed system, also the same. What’s the problem?
   A: The device may be broken, need to send back to test and repair.

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