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KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Ecu Programmer Technical Service

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New V2.15 KESS V2 OBD2 Tuning Kit ECU No Token Limitation

New V2.15 KESS V2 OBD2 Tuning Kit ECU No Token Limitation   Item No. SE87

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KESS V2 OBD2 Tuning Kit
1.V2.15 newest software.
2.New add emulator(To slove the 60 times tokens Limits),No token Limitation.


Kess v2 installation and usage,as well as how to make kess v2 with unlimited tokens.
KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Ecu Programmer


1.Q.During reading ECU data,get "checksum error".
Please research this software "visual C++ 2005 library" on google,download and installed it,and try again.

2.Q.What's the most difference between KESS V2 and Ktag?
KTAG and KESS V2 share the same software, but KESS V2 has OBD function (means KESS V2 program ECU by OBD diagnostic cable) while KTAG doesn't have.

3.Q.What's the KESS V2 version?Master or Slave?
Kess V2 we sell is master version.

4.Q.Does Kess V2 support update?
This is china OEM version,or original,please do not update it on original site or use other software which doesn't offered by us.Or your tool will be block,we can't offer service after sale.

5.Q.What models KESS V2 support?
It support cars and bikes,please download full list through the page of this item.

6.Q: it need to be activated?
 no, it need not. After you have installed the software and driver, then you can use it

7.Q:Result: MODULE TRICORE Bootloader Tricore adapter is defective or Bootloader KessV2 not activated  
first take apart the tool and then welding a resistor for 100k as the picture

Just welding a resistor between the 2 red point, then it will be ok. 

8Q: we have done as you have told me, but i have still failured. What is wrong?
please change for another computer that on it has not installed this software 

9.Q:It has been worked fine. However, it can not be recognized by the computer in a sudden. The light turn red.
Did you connect the Internet when using?
Q: No.
A:Please try to install in another computer.
Q: I have tried, the problem remains. It has sound when I insert. Then nothing change.
A: Please try to make a 100k resistance.
10.Q: How to work checksums? Does it can do trucks? Like Mercedes MP1/MP2/MP3 or MAN TGA?
   A: It will checkout automaticly.  It can not do trucks. The voltage is too high that will burnout the hardware.
   Q: Does SE80(Item number) has this function?
   A: Yes, it can.
   Q: I meet Validation error, what to do?
   A: It is the problem of software. Please try to install this software "microsoft visual C++ 2005,2008,2010"

11.Q: Both kess v2 and Ktag only work with Windows XP system?
A: Windows 7 is Okay too, but better use Windows 7 Professional. If Windows 7 is not Okay, use Windows XP professional.

12.Q: Kess V2 describes "9. Full integration with ECM Titanium" but I didn't find it has ECM Titanium.
A:  You misunderstood, this sentence means KESS V2 can work with ECM Titanium, not means KESS V2 contains ECM Titanium. KESS V2 is an ECU programming tool, and ECM Titanium is a set of programming software for adjusting power.

13.Q: Does KESS V2 support remapping the ECU? Or it can only read and write ECU?
A: KESS V2 doesn't support remapping the ECU.

How to connect KESS V2 to K-LINE med 17, do you have any manual or diagram?
A: If your car is OBD diagnostic socket, just plug the OBD cable into the car; if your car is not OBD diagnostic socket, after you select the ECU type in the KESS V2 software, the diagram will appear and show you how to connect (see the following pictures)

Here's the steps to make the Kess V2 with unlimited tokens:

Step 1: Buy one LPC2478 chip to replace the original one for KESS V2

Step 2: Prepare for a LINK J-LINK V8 programmer – ECU Chip Tunning Tools

Step 3: Weld the pin as the photo

Step 4: Plug the cables in order

Step 5: Connect the JTAG programmer as the following photo:

Step 6: Follow our video to program the chip.

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