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BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface Cable Technical Service

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Cable For BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface E-SYS ICOM Coding F-Series

Cable For BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface E-SYS ICOM Coding F-Series   Item No. SF167

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BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface Cable E-SYS ICOM Coding F-Series


How to make ENET coding cable yourself?How to connect and configure E-sys 3.22.5 for BMW F coding

How to make ENET coding cable yourself?

This helps make ENET coding cable yourself.

One way is to build a cable yourself. Cost for this would probably range anywhere between 10 to 20 bucks. You will need to solder a bit but it's nothing too serious if you follow the instructions to the letter. 

To build your own cable, you will need the following:
- OBD2 connector- RJ-45 cable and connector- 510 ohm .25 watt resistor
The schematics of the official BMW cable can be found below in the attachments and how to solder your cable can be seen in the photos directly below (thanks to Sean [ImSW1]).
I have used my own cable there for half a year. His cables are great. He builds and ships them for $12 USD only. Usually, after he receives payment, he can have the cable ship the next day and arrived a week later.

Cable soldering diagram:

The cable is CAT 6
PIN 3 - light blue (CAT 6) would be Green Stripe (CAT 5e)
PIN 4 & 5 (bridged) - Brown (0CAT 6) would be Brown (CAT 5e) - this is what is grounded to the RJ-45
PIN 11 - Green (CAT 6) would be Solid Green (CAT 5e)
PIN 12 - White (CAT 6) would be Orange Stripe (CAT 5e)
PIN 13 - Orange (CAT 6) would be Solid Orange (CAT 5e)
PIN 8 & 16 (bridged) with a 510ohm, 1/4 watt resistor


How to connect and configure E-sys 3.22.5 for BMW F coding

here i will guide you to connect and configure E-sys 3.22.5 for BMW F coding, with ENET diagnostic cable.


10) Turn Car's Auxiliary Power On (Engine Off) and make connection to car with OBDII-Enet Interface Cable
(Wait a few minutes until the network adapter icon shows a Connection with the yellow exclamation point over it)
(The car does not have a DHCP server, so it does not assign an IP Address to the computer. Both the computer and the car will go into DHCP fallback mode, each assigning themselves a random Class-B IP Address so that they can talk to each other. This can take up to 60 seconds, so you have to wait until the PC has an IP address before you try to connect).
(If you are running E-Sys in a Virtual Machine (VM), make sure you set the VM NIC to bridging mode, not NAT.) 
11) Launch "C:\EDIABAS\Hardware\ENET\ZGW_SEARCH.exe" to verify cable and connection are working.
(Select Refresh Button until connection data appears (IP, ADR, MAC, & VIN) verifying actual communication to the car)
(ZGW_SEARCH.exe is non-functional (informational only) and not a requirement to run E-Sys. If you cannot get ZGW_SEARCH.exe working, instead verify the laptop's wired network adapter has an Class-B IP Address (128 to
12) Run "C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys\E-Sys.exe" (It will take E-Sys a while to write the log file).Under Options, Settings:On the PROGRAM TAB, set the Directories - Data Path to "C:\ESysData" On the EST Tab, set the Developer-Soft-Token EST Path to match EST Token installed in Step 06 above
(e.g. "C:\ESysData\E-Sys EST\Code Away.EST")
On the ODX Tab, set the ODX Rule Path to "C:\ESysData\Rules"
13) Hit the Connect Button on E-Sys toolbar and select desired Target Vehicle (e.g. TargetSelector:project=F010-12-03-511m VehicleInfo=F010)
(DO NOT use the Target with the _DIRECT suffix (e.g. TargetSelector:project=F010-12-03-511m VehicleInfo=F010_DIRECT)
(F001 psdzdata covers the F01/F02/F04 7-series and the F07 5-series)
(F010 psdzdata covers the F10 5-series, the F12/F13 6-series, and the F06 6-series Gran Coupé)
(F020 psdzdata covers the F20 1-series and F30 3-series (There is no Z4 F-chassis yet))
(F025 psdzdata covers the F25 X3-series (There is no X5 F-chassis yet))
14) Select Connection via VIN, and click Connect
(Window should pop up confirming successful connection)
(The program will remember the "connection via VIN" for future connections)

A) Each time E-Sys is launched, the first time the FDL Editor or CAF-Viewer is invoked, either directly via "Editors & Viewers => FDL-Editor" or "Editors & Viewers => CAF-Viewer" or indirectly via right-clicking on a module's read CAFD and selecting "Edit FDL", you will need to enter the EST Token PIN, which came separately with the EST Token).
B) Coding KOMBI (Instrument Cluster) module will cause the car to chime and the dashboard to reset including the clock. Simply reset the vehicle Date and Time via iDrive when done coding module.
C) Some modules take a long time before the changes begin working (e.g. trunk and mirror close). If still not working after an hour or so of being off (asleep), try recoding the module again, even if it looks like the correct parameter (e.g."nicht_aktiv") is set.
D) If Coding for an extended period of time (>30 minutes or so) ensure car is on a charger to avoid killing the battery. You can safely code with the Engine Running to keep it charged with the exception of the DME module.
E) If you want to look at a read CAFD file's net coding data (.ncd files) go to the "Editors & Viewers => FDL-Editor", put your PIN in, and then navigate to your CAF folder (C:\ESysData\CAF) and select the desired CAFD file's corresponding read coding data .ncd file. You DO NOT need to be connected to the car.
(e.g. Module CAFD Name cafd_000000f9.caf.007_003_167 = CAFD_000000F9_007_003_067.ncd)

F) If you want to look at an unread CAFD file, go to the "Editors & Viewers => CAF-Viewer", put your PIN in, and then navigate to your CAFD folder (C:\ESysData\psdzdata\swe\cafd) and select the desired CAFD. You DO NOT need to be connected to the car.
(e.g. Module CAFD Name cafd_000000f9.caf.007_003_167)

Patch Installation Instructions
Replace the original JAR files with the ones supplied here:

est-cm-01.04.00.jar --> C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys\lib\estcm\est-cm-01.04.00.jar

psdz-core.jar --> C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys\lib\PsdZ\psdz-core.jar

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