What do you need pay attention when you use our device?

Frienly reminder when you use our products:
  • 1.Please note that,anti-virus software will treat our software as some kinds of virus. But that doesn't mean our software is virus,it is due to the software containing the application file. So, before you inistall the device software, please close all anti-virus software.
  • 2.Almost all our software needs to install on Win XP system,or it will not works.And some for WIN7 or WIN8 WIN10,we will mark it our on our website.
  • 3.When you use our device,please start your car first,and then connect with our product,as in the course of starting car,it will produce high-current and high voltage,and this will burn equipment.
  • 4.When you install or use it,it gets some error,please send that error pic to us,we will contact our engineer to find the solution.